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Grants to Individuals

Please note that the deadline for applications to be considered this year is 4th December 2023. Applications received after this date will not be reviewed until January 2024.

Grants for individuals and families in severe hardship are available up to a maximum of £1,000 (although they generally don't exceed £500 unless circumstances are exceptional). The individuals or families must be living in or moving into our area of benefit. These grants are usually for basic living needs including household items such as white goods, furniture, cookers, beds and children’s items. They can also cover clothing, specific travel costs and other requests. We cannot usually cover rent arrears.  When individuals are substantially in debt we may recommend referral to one of the debt advice projects locally. Please be aware there is an increased demand for individual grants at present.

Applications need to be made on behalf of the applicant by any formally constituted local group such as a community centre or tenants’ association, department of Camden Council or the NHS, housing associations, advice agencies or other voluntary agency where the individual or family is known. The application requires detailed information about the circumstances of the person/family in need, including their finances, and the applying body must be willing to receive and/or account for any grant offered.

The Trust cannot accept applications directly from individuals needing help.

Please check the address for which you are applying is in our area of benefit before completing the form since we cannot accept applications from any roads that are not listed on our website on the Area of Benefit section.

Applications should be made on the Individual Grant Application Form. Please send completed forms to [email protected], applications are not accepted by post. If you need any support in filling in the application form, please contact the office and we can assist you. Applications can be submitted at any time and are currently considered on a 2 weekly basis. Applications are generally limited to one per year for individuals unless there are exceptional circumstances.

When a grant has been awarded payment can either be made by bank transfer to the referring agency (our preferred method) or by bank transfer to the applicant directly. If a payment needs to be made directly to an applicant, their bank details will need to be provided by the referring agency and they will be responsible for ensuring that the grant is spent as intended and receipts are provided.

Here are some examples of grants to individuals that we have provided recently:

A mother was supporting four young children in temporary accommodation with no recourse to public funds and surviving on a cash allowance of £5 per day. She requested and was granted £400 to pay for school uniform and winter clothing for her children.  

A young man living in a hostel had become homeless due to a decline in his mental health. The Trust were able to offer him a grant of £300 to purchase a laptop and a set of clothes in order to help him search for work and make a fresh start. 

A pensioner who had been street homeless for 12 years had been rehoused in unfurnished accommodation. He was sleeping on the floor. The Trust was able to provide a grant of £500 for a new bed, bedding and other basic items. 

A family fleeing domestic abuse had been rehoused in unfurnished accommodation. The Trust was able to support them by providing a grant to cover the cost of some basic furnishings which enabled them to feel safer in their new home.  

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