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Click on the links below to view the areas covered by The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust.

Street Names A to D

Abbey Road (In Camden)
Abbot’s Place
Aberdare Gardens
Achilles Road
Acol Road
Adamson Road
Adelaide Road (NW3)
Admiral’s Walk
Agamemnon Road
Agincourt Road
Ainger Road
Ainsworth Way
Ajax Road
Akenside Road
Aldred Road
Alexandra Place
Alexandra Road
Alvanley Gardens
Antrim Grove
Antrim Road
Ardwick Road
Ariel Road
Arkwright Road
Asmara Road
Aspern Grove
Avenue Close
Avenue Road

Back Lane
Barlow Road Flats
Baynes Mews
Beaumont Walk
Belsize Avenue
Belsize Crescent
Belsize Grove
Belsize Lane
Belsize Mews
Belsize Park
Belsize Park Gardens
Belsize Park Mews
Belsize Place
Belsize Road
Belsize Square
Belsize Terrace
Benham’s Place
Beswick Mews
Birchington Road
Bird in Hand Mews
Blackburn Road
Boade’s Mews
Bolton Road
Boundary Mews
Boundary Road (even nos.)
Bracknell Gardens
Bracknell Way
Branch Hill
Bransdale Close
Brassey Road Flats
Briardale Gardens
Briary Close
Bridge Approach
Broadhurst Gardens
Brocas Close
Broomsleigh Street
Broxwood Way
Buckland Crescent
Burgess Hill
Burrard Road

Canfield Gardens
Canfield Place
Cannon Hill
Cannon Lane
Cannon Place
Carlingford Road
Chalcot Gardens
Chesterford Gardens
Cholmeley Gardens
Christchurch Hill
Christchurch Passage
Church Row
Cleve Road
Clorane Gardens
Coleridge Gardens
College Crescent
Compayne Gardens
Constantine Road
Copperbeech Close
Cotleigh Road
Courthop Road
Creditors Hill
Cressy Road
Cricklewood Broadway (even 2-110)
Croft Way
Crossfleld Road
Crown Close

Daleham Gardens
Daleham Mews
Denning Road
Dennlngton Park Road
Dobson Close
Dornfell Street
Dorman Way
Doulton Mews
Downshire Hill
Downside Crescent
Dynham Road

Street Names E to J

East Heath Road (1-25)
Ebbsfleet Road
Eldon Grove
Elizabeth Mews
Ellerdale Close
Ellerdale Road
Elliott Square
Elm Row
Elm Terrace
Elsworthy Rise
Elsworthy Road
England’s Lane
Eresby Place
Eresby Road
Estelle Road
Eton Avenue
Eton College Road
Eton Garages
Eton Road
Eton Villas

Fairfax Place
Fairfax Road
Fairhazel Gardens
Fawley Road
Fellows Road
Ferncroft Avenue
Finchley Road (NW3)
Fitzjohn’s Avenue
Flask Walk
Fleet Road (even nos. + 67,77)
Fordwych Road
Fortune Green Road
Frognal Close
Frognal Gardens
Frognal Lane
Frognal Rise
Frognal Way

Gainsborough Gardens
Gardnor Road
Garlinge Road
Garnett Road
Gascony Road
Gayton Crescent
Gayton Road
Gladys Road
Glastonbury Street
Glenbrook Road
Glenilla Road
Glenloch Road
Glenmore Road
Golden Yard Goldhurst Terrace
Goldsmith’s Place
Gondar Gardens
Grange Gardens
Grange Place
Greenaway Gardens
Greencroft Gardens
Greville Mews
Greville Place
Greville Road
Grove Place

Hall Oak Walk Flats
Hampstead Grove
Hampstead High Street
Hampstead Hill Gardens
Hampstead Square
Harben Road
Harley Road
Haverstock Hill
Hawtrey Road
Heath Drive
Heath Hurst Road
Heath Side
Heath Street
Hemstal Road
Hermit Place
Hilgrove Road
Hilfield Road
Hilltop Road
Holford Road
Hollyberry Lane
Holly Bush Hill
Holly Bush Vale
Hollycroft Avenue
Holly Hill
Holly Mount
Holly Place
Holly Walk
Holmdale Road
Honeybourne Road
Hornby Close
Howitt Road

Ingham Road
Inglewood Road
Iverson Road

Judge’s Walk

Street Names K to O

Keats Close
Keats Grove
Kelson Street
Kemplay Road
Kidderpore Avenue
Kidderpore Gardens
Kilburn High Road (even 4-366)
Kilburn Place
Kilburn Priory
Kilburn Vale
King Henry’s Road
Kingdon Road
King’s College Road
Klngscroft Road
Kingsgate Place
Kingsgate Road
Kylemore Road

Lakis Close
Lambolle Place
Lambolle Road
Lancaster Drive
Lancaster Garages
Lancaster Grove
Langland Gardens
Langtry Road
Langtry Walk
Lawn Road
Liddell Road
Lindfleld Gardens
Linstead Street
Lisburne Road
Lithos Road
Loudoun Road (in Camden)
Loveridge Mews
Loveridge Road
Lower Merton Rise
Lower Terrace
Lowfield Road
Lutton Terrace
Lymlngton Road
Lyncroft Gardens
Lyndhurst Gardens
Lyndhurst Road
Lyndhurst Terrace
Lyttleton Close

Mackeson Road
Maida Vale (128-140)
Maitland Park Road
Maitland Park Road Villas
Mansfield Place
Mansfield Road
Mansion Gardens
Manstone Road
Maresfield Gardens
Maygrove Road
Mazenod Avenue
Medley Road
Menelik Road
Merton Rise
Messlna Avenue
Midland Crescent
Mill Lane
Minster Road
Minton Mews
Mortimer Crescent
Mortimer Place
The Mount
Mount Square
Mount Vernon
Murray Terrace
Mutrlx Road

Narcissus Road
Nassington Road
Netherhall Gardens
Netherhall Way
Netherwood Street
New End
New End Square
Norfolk Road (in Camden)
North End
North End Avenue
North End Way
Nutley Terrace

Oak Hill Avenue
Oak Hill Park
Oak Hill Park Mews
Oak Hill Way
Oppidans Mews
Oppidans Road
Oriel Place
Oman Road

Street Names P to Z

Palmerston Road
Pandora Road
Park End
Parkhill Road
Parliament Hill
Parsifal Road
Perceval Avenue
Perrin’s Court
Perrin’s Lane
Perrin’s Walk
Pilgrim’s Lane
Pilgrim’s Place
Platt’s Lane
Pond Street
Primrose Gardens
Primrose Hill Road
Prince Arthur Mews
Prince Arthur Road
Princess Mews
Priory Road
Priory Terrace
Prospect Place
Provost Road

Queensgate Place
Quex Road

Radlett Place
Ranulf Road (in Camden)
Ravenshaw Street
Redington Gardens
Redington Road
Richborough Road
Roderick Road (odd 1-73)
Rona Road
Rondu Road
Rosecroft Avenue
Rosemont Road
Rosslyn Hill
Rosslyn Mews
Rosslyn Park Mews
Rowland Hill Street
Rowley Way
Rudall Crescent

St Crispin’s Close
St Cuthbert’s Road
St Edmund’s Terrace (in Camden)
St John’s Wood Park (in Camden)
St Mary’s Mews
Sandwell Crescent
Sarre Road (2 + 4)
Savernake Road
Shepherd’s Walk
Sherriff Road
Shirlock Road
Shoot-up Hill (even 2-100)
Skardu Road
Smyrna Road
Solent Road
Somali Road
South End Close
South End Road
South Hill Park
South Hill Park Gardens
Spaniards Road
Spedan Close
Spencer Walk
Spode Walk
Springfield Lane
Springfield Walk
Squire’s Mount
Stamford Close
Steele’s Mews North
Steele’s Mews South
Steele’s Road
Strathray Gardens
Streatley Place
Sumatra Road

Tanza Road
Tasker Road
Telegraph Hill
Templewood Avenue
Templewood Gardens
Thurlow Road
Tranley Mews
Tudor Close

Ulysses Road
Upper Park Road
Upper Terrace

Vale of Health

Wadham Gardens
Waterhouse Close
Wavel Mews
Wedderburn Road
Wedgwood Walk
Weech Road
Well Road
Well Walk
West Cottages
Westcroft Close
West End Lane
West Hampstead Mews
West Heath Road (odd 5-23)
Westbere Road
White Bear Place
Whitestone Lane
Willoughby Road
Willow Road
Winchester Mews
Winchester Road
Windmill Hill
Woodchurch Road
Worcester Mews

Map of Area of Benefit

The Trust’s area of benefit is the area inside the blue border.
The other principal colours red, green and yellow mark the main roads.