Our Grants

Small Organisational Grants

Our Small Organisational Grants are available for sums up to £2,000. Applications for these grants will be considered by staff and trustees on an ongoing basis.

Small Organisational Grants are given to support organisations and groups in our area of benefit. These grants are not generally given to fund outings, trips and social events. Our Small Organisational Grants are there to support our work in alleviating poverty and hardship in our area and working towards health improvement. Please read our Applicant Guidance Notes before completing your application.

Contact our Grants Officer if you would like to discuss details of any potential applications.

Download Small Organisational Grant Application Form

Please attach any accounts or financial information if available. Staff may wish to visit an organisation or make contact by phone before a decision is made. A short evaluation report will be required six to twelve months after the receipt of a grant. Download Grant Evaluation Form