Sheila Taylor’s retirement and New Director at HWCT

Sheila Taylor has retired this August as Director of The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust (HWCT) after 28 years of service. Trained as a lawyer at London University and subsequently admitted to the bar she initially worked as an in-house legal adviser to The Jewish Welfare Board, now Jewish Care. During her time there she also became involved with a significant family charitable foundation, advising them on their grant making decisions. It sparked an interest which was to lead to her long career with the HWCT.

Sheila introduced a coherent organisational structure and ensured that the Trust’s work was based on a more informed understanding of the nature and extent of poverty in the area. There has always been a significant level of inequality and need – even in Hampstead Village. Grants were mainly for food, clothing and shelter. Some of Sheila’s innovations included basic starter packs for the homeless who were being found accommodation by charities and by Camden Council. There were also close collaborations in the earlier days with the Royal Free Hospital and with Eden Hall, the local hospice. Most recently the Trust has set up several Emergency Funds to deal swiftly with those most affected by the impact of the covid pandemic.

Replacing Sheila as Director is Stuart Woltkamp-Moon. Stuart has had a successful career to date both as a trustee himself but most particularly as Deputy Chief executive of RL Glasspool, another well known grant making Trust with a UK-wide anti-poverty remit. Stuart says ‘I am excited to be joining HWCT at an important time for the Trust and when the need for its help has been exacerbated by the covid pandemic. I look forward to working with local organisations and the wider grant making sector in supporting the local community.’